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Who we are

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara – the Unified Art –

This is the home of Naga Kuning Institute, where the knowledge of several Indonesian Martial Arts styles are being kept, documented, trained, and studied to make sure that important martial science is not lost over the years.

Our institute focuses mainly on Pukulan based styles which have some specific characteristics: 

  • Very direct and realistic in nature.
  • No choreography 

What our styles do have in common is that they work as a system with principles, precise footwork, and detailed body mechanics.

Read our BLOG to get more informations about our training and methodology.

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Past and present teachers represent our lineage and our future development

One of the first Pukulan teachers landed in Europe

A family dedicated to the Serak style

The Founder of Bukti Negara

Naga Kuning Institute Technical Director