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If you want to learn Silat and Indonesian Martial Arts this is the School to do it Seriously

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Bukti Negara: Ancient Martial Art for Modern Needs

Welcome to our school, where the knowledge of Indonesian Martial Arts is preserved, studied, and shared to ensure that the martial science within them is not lost through the centuries.

Our institute focuses specifically on the study of Indonesian styles that possess certain distinctive characteristics:

  • A Direct and Effective Approach
  • Utilization of the body in accordance with the Natural Biomechanics of the human being
  • A Precise and Historically documented Program, yet in tune with the times


These arts exhibit extreme effectiveness in terms of personal defense, combined with exercises that enable the acquisition of impressive mastery in using one’s body, developing explosiveness and flexibility, and enhancing overall health.

Through these transformations, and recognizing the holistic nature of the human being, the practice of these arts allows for improved self-esteem and confidence in everyday life.

We maintain constant connections with schools in Indonesia that share similar approaches to research and delve into our roots. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the Indonesian national motto, and we draw inspiration from it in our relationships with other schools.

Walter van den Broeke - Ground Kicking Beach
Walter van den Broeke - Teaching Cristian Cerrato

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One of the few Indonesian Martial Arts passed down as it once was

Welcome to the fascinating world of our martial arts masters. Through their skills, experiences, and teachings, they have shaped Pukulan and Silat, creating a legacy of excellence. Explore the stories of Bapak W. L. Flohr, the de Vries and de Thouars family, Walter H. van den Broeke, and Pendekar Paul De Thouars. Discover how these masters have influenced the martial arts landscape and left a lasting imprint. Get ready to immerse yourself in a tradition rich in knowledge, passion, and respect for Pukulan and Silat.

Bapak W. L. Flohr: The Pioneer of Pukulan in Europe Known as “Paatje,” Flohr introduced the powerful Pukulan from Indonesia to the Netherlands, earning respect for his formidable techniques and mastery of movements.

The de Vries and de Thouars Family: A Martial Dynasty The de Vries Brothers have been a force in the world of Silat, while Ernest’s sons have carried on their martial legacy.

Pendekar Paul De Thouars: Global Influence in Pencak Silat One of the most influential martial arts masters, Paul De Thouars dedicated over 60 years to Pencak Silat, inspiring practitioners worldwide.

Walter H. van den Broeke: Bridging the Past and Present Starting in 1978, Walter vd Broeke studied with renowned teachers in Indonesia and the Netherlands, now sharing his experience as the Technical Director at the Naga Kuning Institute.

Now, under the guidance of Walter van den Broeke, the torch has been passed to us: we are committed to spreading the art by preserving it in its principles and essence, keeping it up to date with modern training and teaching methods.

All of this is to ensure that our instructors and students can efficiently achieve their goals of personal improvement, both physically and mentally.

A complete Curriculum

Our program consists of 7 Levels, each containing fundamental knowledge for the subsequent ones.

With us, you won’t learn pre-set techniques but will be empowered to create your own applications using the principles of our art and expressing yourself.

You will study empty-hand work, ground techniques, and weapon techniques.

Solo work or against multiple opponents.

Exercises to develop both sensitivity and responsiveness, as well as to become accustomed to impact and conditioning.

Each piece you study will always be correlated with other components of the program, creating a true system that, like a common thread, connects the entire practice.

As you progress in the program, you won’t encounter “more advanced” techniques but principles that solve various problems and shed new light on situations that may have already been addressed in previous levels.

This way, a network is woven among the program’s components, where no exercise is more or less important than others, but all contribute to creating a truly comprehensive training program.

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The voice of our students

"It is the most beautiful martial art I have ever known, not only for its technique and profoundly transformative inner discipline but also because it has the ability to demonstrate that, despite being an art without rules, it can be humanizing....."


Past and present teachers represent our lineage and our future development

One of the first Pukulan teachers landed in Europe

A family dedicated to the Serak style

The Founder of Bukti Negara

Naga Kuning Institute Technical Director

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