A Legacy of Excellence in Pukulan and Silat

Welcome to the fascinating world of our martial arts masters.

Through their skills, experiences, and teachings, they have shaped Pukulan and Silat, creating a legacy of excellence.

Explore the stories of Bapak W. L. Flohr, the de Vries and de Thouars family, Walter H. van den Broeke, and Pendekar Paul De Thouars. Discover how these masters have influenced the martial arts landscape and left a lasting impact.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a tradition rich in knowledge, passion, and respect for our Pukulan Teachers.

Bapak W. L. Flohr: The Pioneer of Pukulan in Europe

Known as “Paatje,” Flohr introduced the powerful Pukulan from Indonesia to the Netherlands, earning respect for his formidable techniques and mastery of movements.

The de Vries and de Thouars Family: A Martial Family

The de Vries brothers have been a force in the world of Silat, while Ernest’s children have carried on their martial heritage.

Pendekar Paul De Thouars: Global Influence in Pencak Silat

One of the most influential martial arts masters, Paul De Thouars has dedicated over 60 years to Pencak Silat, inspiring practitioners worldwide.

Walter H. van den Broeke: Bridging the Past and the Present

Starting in 1978, Walter van den Broeke studied under renowned teachers in Indonesia and the Netherlands, now sharing his expertise as the Technical Director at the Naga Kuning Institute.

Our Teachers embody excellence in Pukulan and Silat, and we are proud to share their legacy with future generations.

Through our website, we invite you to discover more about these extraordinary masters and immerse yourself in the richness of the martial art they have passed down to us.

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