Bukti Negara Curriculum and Training Program

The Bukti Negara curriculum, as it was created by oom Paul de Thouars, consists of 7 levels, the first three student levels:

  • Calon (Aspiring Student)
  • Murid (Student)
  • Regu Madya (Advanced Student)

And the next four as Teacher:

  • Calon Pelatih (Aspiring Instructor)
  • Assistant Palatih (Assitant Instructor)
  • Pelatih Madya (Advanced Instructor)
  • Guru (Teacher)

As Naga Kuning Institute we have chosen to add modules to help in teaching even groups starting from scratch, so alongside the first three levels as a student we have added courses and materials to support a person from the beginning who wants to create a traning group in their city or homeland (teaching certification A1 A2 A3).

In this way it is possible to decide whether one wants to continue as a student or as a instructor, an instructor for us is not only an advanced degree technician, but also a person who is able to organize a group, make it grow technically and maintain a serene atmosphere of proper learning.

The Bukti Negara program in the NKI is composed of the original components of oom Paul’s Bukti Negara, with the addition of principles and exercises that come from the de Vries Family.
Examinations, for students and instructors, are always conducted with a three-person jury of which at least one must be a member of the technical committee.


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Instructor convention and Tutoring

For NKI members who intend to take the path of teaching, the institute provides several services:

2 annual international conventions:

  • Instructor Convention (February)
  • Summercamp (May-June)

With the purpose of sharing with all (Aspiring) instructors, technical notions, in-depth study of the curriculum, pre-examinations or actual examinations for grading.

The camps and conventions are also a meeting point and is a valuable exchange with all practitioners in Europe and US.

Finally, NKI members have access to an Online Tutoring pathway consisting of weekly private lessons and group workshops that accompany the practitioner and follow him or her step by step on their journey, all lessons are directed by the NKI Technical Director or a member of the Technical Board.

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