Black Belt Club

On this page you will find the Bukti Negara Instructor List who have successfully passed the Calon Pelatih examination or higher, thus achieving the title of Instructors/Teachers in their own right.

Here you can read about our levels and titles.

They represent, as the title indicates, our “black belts” according to the grades of classical Budo, as well as an important entity within the institute whose purpose is to keep the technical level of the school high and pass on knowledge to the next generation.

The first 4 levels of Bukti Negara close a circle of fundamental technical knowledge for the practitioner, starting from the Calon Pelatih level we focus more on the teaching skills of the practitioner.

A Teacher or Instructor is such not only because of his technical qualities, but also because of his ability to maintain a serene and stimulating climate in the class, understand what points need to be deepened, and handle technical or character differences that may arise in a group of students.

Instructor/Teacher Examinations

Exams from Calon Pelatih or above also reflect our concept of instructor and system.
The exams consist of 3 phases totalling approximately five hours of examination time:

  • Re-examination of previous technical levels: the practitioner must retake previous exams demonstrating that his or her understanding and technical ability is consistent with the new grade
  • Technical examination of the current level
  • Examination on teaching skills: the practitioner will be examined by a panel of judges on his or her teaching method in the classroom or during a workshop/seminar

The course then does not end on the day of the exam, but will then continue during the following months, where there will be several checkpoints and meetings aimed at reviewing the points highlighted as improvable during the exam by the jury.

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You can train it, but...you need the balls to do it...

Bukti Negara Instructor List

Mirko Beltrami

Calon Pelatih

My experience with Pukulan Penjak Silat began towards the end of 2006 when I met Walter van den Broeke in Milan, from that moment I began to train relentlessly in this wonderful Martial Art understanding right away how profound it was.

One of the first teachings I understood was that to gain knowledge you had to have a lot of patience, be consistent and that the currency was commitment.

Practicing Pukulan over the years has allowed me not only to grow martially but also to change the way I approach both challenges to my limits and in everyday life.

This is precisely one of the reasons why I still practice this Art today, because its adat is a source for me to draw from to gain resources in any area of life.

Milan - Italy

Christian Cerrato

Calon Pelatih

I have always practiced Pukulan Bukti Negara according to its true value, the Martial Art.

” Art is the human activity that leads to forms of creativity and expression resting on technical devices, innate or acquired skills derived
from Study and Experience.”

If you want to express yourself you will have to do so with your spirit, with your heart, and to do so you will have to overcome your limitations, physical, mental and technical.

Only by persevering can you express your creative virtue. In the end, like an unexpected ending, you will find yourself gladly sharing Art with other people, helping them on the tatami and in life, to overcome limits and obstacles, in the most direct way possible!

Asti - Italy

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