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The formation of the Naga Kuning Institute

The decision to found an institute was made to safeguard the knowledge that our teacher, Walter van den Broeke, has acquired during his 40 years of study in Pukulan and the various branches of Serak and Bukti Negara.

Our aim is therefore to safeguard the knowledge that has been handed down to us and lay the foundations for a new development today.

The name, Naga Kuning Institute, was chosen to honor Walter’s teacher Bapak W.L. Flohr, who named his school Naga Kuning when he was teaching Pukulan in the 1970s at the social academy in Breda (NL).

The Naga Kuning Institute is the organization where style, tradition, new programs, developments, and knowledge converge.

Naga Kuning Institute Group Leaders Picture Netherlands
Naga Kuning Institute Group Leaders Picture Netherlands

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art – (BN) is, and will remain, our main art.
As promised by Walter to his teachers, the Pukulan of Bp. W.L. Flohr and Serak in all its variations will remain non-commercial arts taught only to selected and trusted people. These arts can be taught after completing the Bukti Negara curriculum, or by invitation at the discretion of the technical management and after evaluating the character, reliability and motivations of the student.

Mission and Goals of the Institute

  • Development and preservation of Indonesian culture as it was transmitted to us by past teachers
  • Transmitting technical knowledge of the art to future generations and maintaining high quality standards
  • Promote the art and make it more easily accessible through dissemination of the parts of the curriculum
  • To train Pencak Silat with a modern teaching program based on the knowledge handed down to us
  • Being involved internationally with the NPSF (Dutch Pencak Silat Federation), Persilat (World Union of Pencak Silat), embassies, and other entities, to act on the world stage as a quality standard
  • Use Bukti Negara as a solid foundation for creating programs that can bring value and benefit to the modern society

The Technical and Administrative Board

The institute is headed by a technical board and an administrative board, the members of both boards are essential to ensure that the vision, objectives, and mission of the organization are respected and developed.

Walter van den Broeke Seminario 2
Technical Director
Serak and Bukti Negara Advisor

Walter van den Broeke

Ronald Harman Technical Board Member
Technical Board Member

Ronald Hartman

Stefano Chiappella Technical Board Member
Technical Board Member

Stefano Chiappella

Ottavio Tramonte Technical Board Member
Technical Board Member

Ottavio Tramonte

Administrative Board Member
Management and Communication

Angelique de Bruin

Henny Luijten Admin Board Member
Administrative Board Member

Henny Luijten

Carlo Crestani Admin Board Member
Marketing and Content Creation

Carlo Crestani

Federico Giudici Admin Board Member
ICT and Web Design

Federico Giudici

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