The de Vries Family

The de Vries family, their cousins the de Thouars, and their students, are well-known names in Europe and the US where Silat is concerned, especially Pukulan styles such as Bukti Negara and Serak.

The first family members to come into contact with these systems were the two brothers John and Ernest (Ventje) de Vries, who had been trained from childhood in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and became highly experienced and feared martial artists. Ernest, over the years, earned a reputation as a ferocious fighter who did not hesitate to take on any challenger.

Both studied the art until they understood its mechanics and depth, Ernest, however, never had much patience in teaching, on the contrary John is remembered as a patient teacher.

It is from the depth of this understanding, and the patience and skill of John De Vries, that Paul de Thouars earned his extraordinary teaching method and fighting prowess.

Here we want to remember the family members.

Two brothers:
  • John de Vries (1898-1972)
  • Ernest “Ventje” de Vries (7 October 1903 – 15 February 1982)

The Sons of uncle Ernest were the ones to continue training and teaching the family tradition:

  • Adolf G. de Vries (1 April 1934 – 27 September 2011)
  • Gerald “Nono” de Vries (21 May 1940 – 30 August 2019)
  • Harry J. de Vries (2 November 1948 – 8 July 2013)

We also want to remember as part of the family:

  • Maurice de Thouars (12 December 1928 – 20 May 2014)
  • Jelle Dezentje (30 November 1954 – 8 January 2018)

We honor all those who preceded us as they would have liked, without using lofty titles like Guru or Pendekar. The correct transmission of the art we practice is their heritage, and according to their will, we pass it on intact to the next generations.

You can see examples of some of our lineages in our Youtube Channel.

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