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Walter van den Broeke is one of the few, in the western world, who has been trained by the leading teachers in Serak, Bpk. Paul de Thouars and the De Vries family. Besides that he has been also trained by one of the best known Pukulan teachers in The Netherlands, Bpk. W.L. Flohr.

He is also the founder of Naga Kuning Institute (NKI) with teaching branches in the USA and Europe.

During the last decades he has has been conducting over 35 seminars yearly in various cities in the USA, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Indonesia, building a solid reputation as a skillful and high quality Pencak Silat instructor.

Online Training Bukti Negara

Due to the current worldwide situation, for the first time in history this art will be taught through online classes directed by Walter van den Broeke and his team of instructors.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn and discover a traditional martial art which was considered lost until some decade ago but manage to survived inside closed and only family circles.

Join us in our online classes and start your journey in the art of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art-.

What you can expect to learn:

You will learn how to efficiently and effectively annihilate any attacker, regardless of their size or physical strength. Through this training program, you will acquire the self-confidence to combat any conflict as and when necessary and give back without hesitation. This training program is not a self-defense program but rather a self-offense system, which enables you to respond to the street altercation.

So, get started, start your martial arts training online now, and get better equipped to fight for yourself as and when necessary.

For more information on how to start your training contact us at info@nagakuninginstitute.com or fill in the form at the end of the page.

The course include:
  • 1 hour online private lesson every week (via Teams, Zoom or Meet)
  • Customized training routines for every level
  • Progressive training methodologies to develop basic and advanced skills
  • Exercises to practice with a training partner (needed)
  • Constant monitor and feedback by a qualified instructor
  • Possibility to organize group classes for special events (on request)

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