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Elbows in Bukti Negara

Pukulan BN teaches us to deliver a wide range of elbow strikes in all directions against incoming attacks, understanding elbow range, and the development of devastating attacks.

Institute Lineages

In the Naga Kuning Institute we don’t train only Bukti Negara, but also several style that have been passed to us.

Use your whole body

Changing levels is, in my opinion, one of the best tactics of who has trained longer as a fighter. It’s not instinctual, and it takes practice, but brings a whole new depth to the own Skills.

Street Self Defense

Pukulan BN and steet self defence, here you can see an example of aggression and how to react.

Historical Media Photo Video

History of Bukti Negara and his founder

Here you can find some old footage of Uncle Paul and some old students at the beginning of the creation of Bukti Negara, the curriculum kept on changing during the years several times.

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