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Silat Lezione Omaggio Bereguardo Pavia Milano

Silat Lezione Omaggio Bereguardo Pavia Milano


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Empty hands, ground play, locks, weapons, all is part of the curriculum and is connected as a complete system.


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Walter van den Broeke, a pupil of the de Vries family, reunited Oom Paul de Thouars with the remaining heirs of the de Vries family in Holland, and in particular with Oom Dolf de Vries, considered the head of the family as regards the continuity of the Pukulan Serak style transmitted by his father Oom Ventje (Ernest) de Vries, brother of Oom John, the teacher of Paul de Thouars.

This union, commemorated with a signed agreement written by the members of the two families present, led to the creation of a unified curriculum that we now practice and call Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara – The Unified Art.

Thus representing the union of the Bukti Negara from Oom Paul de Thouars and Oom John de Vries with the Pukulan from Oom Dolf de Vries and Oom Ventje de Vries, his father.

Exercises were then added and movements modified to represent both ways of practicing, one more aimed at controlling the opponent and his imbalance (the Permainan, literally “game”, by Oom John), one more aimed at percussion blows and to attack (the Pukulan, literally “to strike with the hand”, by Oom Ventje).

Walter van den Broeke - Pukul Seminario San Salvo

Walter van den Broeke

Walter van den Broeke is one of the few, in the western world, who has been trained by the leading teachers in Pukulan and Serak, Bpk. Paul de Thouars and the De Vries Family. Besides that he has been also trained by one of the best known Pukulan teachers in The Netherlands, Bpk. W.L. Flohr.

He is also the Founder of Naga Kuning Institute (NKI) with teaching branches in the USA and Europe.

During the last decades he has has been conducting over 35 seminars yearly in various cities in the USA, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Indonesia, building a solid reputation as a skillful and high quality Pencak Silat instructor.

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